Precise “Medi-lite” Skinlightner Cream SPF30 (50ml)


Barcode: 6009817640014

6 Pack

Skinlightener with sunblock.




  • Dark Blemishes & Discolourations
  • Uneven Skintone
  • Pimple Scars
  • Pregnancy Marks
  • Freckles, Age Marks

Medically proven approach that removes and blocks the formation of dark pigment and promotes a lighter, lovelier and clearer complexion.

Suppresses pigment production and speeds up cell turnover by using a new scientifically proven approach to skin lightening and depigmentation resulting from systematic hormonal changes or excessive sun exposure.

Includes sunblock with SPF 30

With this exclusive formula you can scientifically, medically and clinically control and reduce the rate of formation of pigment that is injected into your skin by your melanophores while protecting your skin from further sun induced discolouration.

De-pigment the hyperpigmentated areas. Tone down or tone up your general complexion. Even out all uneven skintone areas. Protect your skin against the sun.

In this modern day and age skin complexion care has become more difficult over the years. And this applies to both males and females. A large percentage of people have to take medication daily. Scientific studies have shown that certain medication such as birth control hormones ,tranquilizers,anti depressants,anti biotics,blood pressure controlling medicines are all “ photosensitizers ” They increase the chances of your skin and more especially your facial skin , from becoming sunburnt . These dark blemishes appear as brown blemishes on the forehead ,nose tip and cheeks. They increase in intensity over a number of years and. some people have come to accept them and just live with these unsightly discolourations. It has also been discovered that dark skin tends to overeact to injury,inflammation and sunburn by producing these dark skin blotches( hyperpigmentation ) discolourations.

Precise Skin Lightener has been researched and developed in Switzerland to prevent and reduce hyperpigmentation. It does this by reducing the production of dark pigmentation. By speeding up cell turnover so that the old stained epithelial cells can be shed faster and encouraging new unstained skin cells to come to the surface. And last but not least it contains a powerful sunblocking agent to prevent UVA and UVB burn.

Regular use of Precise Skin Lightener will over time modify skin colour ,even out skin tone and reduce hyperpigmentation and produce an EVENTONE COMPLEXION. The longer the exposure to damage the longer it will take to produce total elimination of skin blotches. It is therefore advisable to start using the precise skin tissue cream before the blemishes even start to appear especially for those persons who have to take photosensitizing medication such as birth control pills and injections on a daily basis.

Most patients with recent blemish appearance can remove the blemishes by massaging Precise Skin Lightener into the affected areas twice a day and expect results within a few weeks after all the stained epithelial cells have exfoliated and new skin cells surface. These must then be protected daily with Precise Skin Lightener to prevent repetition of the damage.

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Dimension: 6cm x 6cm x 5cm
Quantity: 50ml

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