Wondosol Ointment (Wonderlike Groen Salf) 50g


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Nappicode: 717461001

12 pack Barcode: 600981764021-2

6 pack Barcode: 6009817640229

Muscle Pain, Rheumatism, Fibrositis



Formulated 100 years ago.

5 of the most reliable ingredients tried and tested over time.
Effective in the relief of body pain.
Backache effective Fibrositis  muscle sprain Twisted ankles wrist neck pain Sport’s injury  etc.
Also helping in keeping muscles supple before the game and before swimming running cycling.
This is the secret weapon of many championships.
Repeat most product contain only one ingredient  namely methyl salicilylate Wondosol contains 5  methyl salicilylate camphor  turpeneol eucalyptus menthol Each one has job to heal.
Top soccer rugby players use it daily.

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Dimension: 4.5cm (diameter) x 6cm (height)
Quantity: 50g

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