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About six months ago I had an Internal Radiotherapy (brachytherapy): Small radio-active implants (seeds) were placed in my Prostate gland to destroy the cancer. This procedure was operated in a hospital by using a general anaesthetic. Specialised equipment like CT scans, ultrasound, and MRI which Helps the Doctors (Urologist-Oncologist) to place the seeds correctly. After six months the side effects were urine (burning) and body Itching (legs and hand etc). I was instructed by the urologist to Take broad and medium spectrum antibiotics, itching tablets and cream to use On the itching hand and legs etc. After taking the complete course of antibiotics, Itching tablets and cream, The itching did not stop and was very painful & also bleeding ( After scratching )

My pharmacist Mr Hoosen Essa of Isipingo Health Care Pharmacy handed me a complimentary Ointment for anti-bacterial, Anti Septic and Anti Fungal-Herbal Medicine called “KILGERM” After using the “WONDER –KILGERM) the pain/itching disappeared. I sincerely would recommend Said ointment- “KILGERM” for all body itching even jock itch.


Testimonial – Users have reported more benefits by using Traxa Balm.

“Heels rough burst heels in days!!”
“Genees gebarste hakke binne 3 dae!!!”




Testimonial – Fred & Martie’s Soupkitchen/Sopkombuis

Dear Dr. Rhoda

Your love and support is a kind of magic! You make our world magical… sprinkled with so much of your magical fairy dust!

Magical fairy dust that you sprinkled over our soup kitchen! What a lovely gift it was to receive the Nitex Lotion, Kilgerm Ointment, Rhodas Ouma Bokvet Salf, Doctor Scabies Cream and Rhoda’s Traxa Boil Ointment. Your act of kindness means so much to us.

I am writing this thank you letter to you, with a heart full of appreciation for all the donations received from you. Sincere thanks and appreciation for bringing your magic to our less fortunate children and elderly folk in a desperately needy community.

One woman’s passion and love for her community, especially her love for children helped her feed hundreds. Your passion for less fortunate children helps us to keep them in school.

Thanks to your magic that you bestowed on our children they are inspired and excited to be able to attend school. With your love and support, you leave us a tradition with a future. You remind us that the tender loving care of human beings will never become obsolete. People even more than things are restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed and redeemed and redeemed and redeemed, all of this through your love and support.

Once again thank you for bringing your magic to us.
Yolindie & Riaan Oberholzer
Fred & Martie’s Soupkitchen/Sopkombuis

Testimonial – Ian Gonsalveis

Bokvet 80ml
“I’ve been suffering for 10 years with a back injury from a car accident 10 years ago, ive been using scheduled pain killers and schedule drugs to assist with the pain and trying and relieve it, I was told to try ouma bokvet out and I was in such tremendous pain that I had to call for my son to assist in rubbing it on my back, he gently applied the ouma bokvet and within seconds my back pain was relieved” says Ian. My son at the time also had a minor rugby injury and asked me if he could use some as well, after using the ouma bokvet he felt immediate relief. I don’t use any scheduled pain killers for relief any longer and im glad I can put my trust in a herbal product instead of a chemical based product” says Ian after using Ouma bokvet for his back injury and joint pain.

Testimonial Glendaruel Reynolds – Cape Town

Kilgerm Tea Tree ointment worked wonders for me. Anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. Excellent in peripheral neuropathy.

Testimonial M Johnson

I have been using Rhoda Ouma Bokvet for many years, and as a result, am free from all my previous aches and joint pains. I even now have a clear chest as well.

Testimonial Ruth Achilles

After suffering from arthritis for many years, I discovered a remarkable product, Rhoda Ouma Bokvet, which relieved my aches and pains with outstanding results. My sister-in-law had a slight stroke and struggled to walk so I recommended this to her as well. Amazingly, after rubbing her legs with it every night, she is able to walk! I have since recommended this product to my family and friends who all commented it was highly effective.

Testimonial Omar Esack

Dear Sir, I wish to inform you that as a person who has been suffering from arthritis for the last few years, having had 3 knee operations and was due to have my knee caps replaced. I have always been in constant pain, having tried all sorts of remedies including antibiotics and other arthritis medicines and rubbing ointments. I was at Plax Pharmacy Landsdowne Cape Town when i saw this pamphlet on the counter about the wonders of EMU OIL . I enquired but they said it would only be available the next day. I went in on Friday to buy it and applied it to my knees and hands, for the first time in months I had a peaceful sleep , what a wonderful oil Emu oil is. I will recommend it to all my friends and all arthritis sufferers, i wanted to try it for a few days and then congratulate you for producing this wonderful oil,keep up the good work.

Testimonial AKN, KwaZulu Natal

Thank you Virago, you have saved my marriage. On the verge of a divorce. Regular use of Virago has saved my marriage. And my wife is so happy now.

Testimonial G Vd H

Virago you have definately put the fire back into my sex life. In general I feel so much more energetic and full of spark.

Testimonial SDF, Gauteng

My wife and I have been trying to have a family for many years. My ejaculations were small and weak. Since using Virago the volumes are so big and strong. My wife is now expecting.

Testimonial R M, Cape Town

I am qiute old and I could feel that my sexual health was going down. I have been taking only one Virago capsule a day for the past 3 months. I am quite surprised how things have changed. I am like a young man again and not so tired as i used to be.

Testimonial Z VD M

I was cold toward my husband for a long time. He was losing interest in me and in sex. We are both taking Virago now and really enjoying life to the full.