Kilgerm Ointment (50ml)


Tea tree ointment.

Barcode: 60098176404Pr9



Very effective  reliable natural  cure.
Kills fungus  kills virus  kills bacteria  kills sepsis.
While it does its work does not likecany interference  of soap or water please.
Massage into infected areas twice a day.
Fungus infections of the skin can be stubborn so have patience.
Especially ofthe private parts of the body can.
People who use public facilities a lot should apply a little on the skin daily as a protection.
Against fungus and viruses lurking around in taxis busses toilets etc.

A touch  lightly on the hair daily also repels chases away lice nits  and other undesirable goggas Overseas women insert thus natural ointment into their vaginas once a week to prevent  thrush candida in vaginal canal and kill  potential virus infections.
Because it is natural and plant derivative it is completely safe to use.
It may have patience a small cool sting but it does not last long  few minutes.
So dry fungus skins ring worms  scalp white patches  acne pimples  burns  dandruff athletes feet stink feet  fungus nails (apply and cover with a finger or toe cot  or plastic cover and it must  be applied daily for several weeks to kill fungus nails).

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Quantity: 50ml

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