Rhoda’s Traxa Boil Ointment (15ml)


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Draws boils and septic pimples ( antibiotic action)



This is the only truly effective  compound mixture of resins natural extracts that works by painlessly gently every draws out the puss deep below the skin layers. The so called boil  pitsweer. It has a natural built in anti biotic  to fight infection and promotes rapid healing of the sore you can advise patients to take Brufen. If necessary cover the spot with plaster  and leave on for 12 hours. Clean wound with Savlon afterwards. Two applications may be needed especially if it’s  a blind boil. Cut away surrounding hair. A boil is usually an infections of the hair a follicle that has why they usually developed  in the hairy areas of the body. Can also be used to draw put from other pimples  and sores and to draw thorns and splinters under the skin layers

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