Royal Crown Blood Purification Capsules




100% Ayurvedic Indian Herbal.

This is a composition of several of the best blood purifying herbs collected from all corners of the earth all ayruvedic.
Called royal because it has been discovered that the members of several. Royal families have been using this blend for centuries.
Besides purifying the blood it also helps maintain a healthy weight management.
Circulation is improved. Inflammatory conditions reduced.

Most skin impurities & infections are caused by bacterial & viral infections.

Many skin problems & infections are due to hormone imbalances in the blood and body.

An infusion of Strong Medicinal Herbs that may assist with:

  • Fights bacteria in the skin
  • Alleviates rashes
  • Provides vitamins needed for your blood
  • Fights fungus within your blood system.

Nzinkinga ezininigi zesikhumba zibangelwa igazi elinokungcola kanye nama bacteria.

Lelikhambi lingakusiza kulokhu:

  • Ukulwisana namabacteria esikhumbeni.
  • Ukubulala I fungus engadingeki egazini
  • Ukuhlanza igazi lakho
  • Ukugcina isikhumba sakho sibukeka
  • Linkika igazi nesikhumba amavitamin adingekayo.
  • Ukequeda ukulumywa komzimba okubangelwa igazi elibi.

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